Sunday, February 27, 2005


I'm Back!!!!

Ok, yes it has been too long since my last update...I suck as a person...are we ok now? Good. Just got done spending 12 hours at the high school working on the set for the Music Man and had a bit of nostalgia...or maybe it was the paint fumes...anywho, I remembered countless hours doing the same thing, getting ready for our shows, but something struck me as odd. In fact, I have really noticed something completely different about this group of kids compared with those of our years.

Now, I am not about to try and make any type of talent comparison because...well frankly, we rocked...but it just seems that this lot doesn't care like we did. Oh, I'm not saying they are not working hard, they have certainly come a long way, and there are definitely a few that would have fit in well with us. It's just that the sense of urgency, dedication, and seriousness that made our shows such an important thing to us seems to be lacking. Perhaps we were the same and now I just see it different in retrospect. Perhaps what I expect because of my training is unreasonable for a high school group and I have set the bar too high (a la Mr. Daniel, right Zhubin...dang he was good...). Or perhaps it just runs in waves and we are currently in the trough awaiting the next major crest to ricochet Farragut back to its rightful place as king of drama. Apparenty Bearden's shows are now the talk of the town and Farragut is...well..not... Regardless of which it is, it made me miss all of you and the energy and enthusiasm we had. We had some good times didn't we...

(Quick note: After looking back at what I have just written, I have decided I am apparently 83...and incontinent...why not...)

Regardless of all that, Music Man is going good and opens this Thursday and I leave for England two weeks from tomorrow to finally see my woman! So off to bed and a full day of tech tomorrow. They do not pay me enough for this...

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