Friday, March 31, 2006


Would you all please update?!

Geez seems all I do is update and never hear anything from you! (See what I did...I turned it you don't know what to do! Mwa ha ha ha!!!!!)

Anywho, sorry for the long hiatus. Have been trucking along here in the great city of London, enjoying the clouds, revelling in the rain, and saving all the black gunk that accumulates in one's nose after spending any amount of time on the Tube. Isn't city life great?!

Had Mr. Parang (Zhubin...not his dad...that would have been awkward...) over in January and we had fun to the max. Learned more about the Persians than I ever thought I would and, all in all...not such bad people. Had a good system of managing, not much war, and allowed everyone to keep pretty much their own culture. Could've used a jihad or two, but all in all, not too bad. Also visited the graves of some famous people (who shall remain nameless lest they harm the political ambitions of anyone concerned), watched a session of the house of commons, and drank any number of tasty pints before Zhubin returned to D.C. and I returned bed.

So, because of his visit, Zhubin has now taken top spot in the friends pool. Joe comes in second for allowing me to be in his wedding, and Graham and Scott are tied for third because of their whole hearted promises to come "as soon as they can!". All the rest of you are further down...let's say number 271.

Went to France last weekend with the lady (how fun is it that I can "pop down to France for the weekend" want to be me...truly you do!!) and had a blast. Went to the Louvre again and saw awesome artwork and went to a creperie and had awesome crepe (now if only they would make a sculpture of a crepe...beautiful and yummy!) Also, if you are watching the news, you know that the French are rioting and so I took in a bit of looting while I was there as well. Only killed one man...but I did it with a trident! (Let those who know the reference titter mildly)

So that's about all. Now, stop giving me a hard time about not updating. Or I'll kill you. In the eye. Tonight. Not joking...

PS: Have added friends to the list so look for your name if I think you're cool. Also, Rachael, you have apparently stopped blogging so I assume you are dead. Sorry about that.

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