Thursday, May 25, 2006



Well just a very quick post but wanted to bring something up that I am finding quite interesting. I am currently reading the Origin of Species by Darwin and first of all it is a fascinating read. The conclusions drawn about change, natural selection, mutated gene placement as recessive rather than dominant to ensure longevity and give greater chance of eventually becoming dominant...all of it is amazing.

However, the more I read, the more insane it seems that the Christian community should take his writings and the facts about nature that have been drawn as harmful or even blasphemous to the Bible and the Christian faith. If anything, I think the amazingly complex system shows again how the well designed this world is.

Now, I know some (Zhubin) might disagree with me that the complexity of evolution points towards a highter power, but regardless, there is no reason that Christians should not be able to fully embrace the process of evolutionary change and rectify it with the Christian belief system. All this book and science as a whole tells us is doesn't and shouldn't touch the why. And, even in the preface, it talks about how, even though we aren't the Lords of Creation, we are singularly different from all other living things in our knowledge of our change. We are different and special amongst all things on earth.

Just thought I would throw out that we can try and figure out the how without impinging at all on the why and, in fact, the why to someone of faith makes the beauty of our world that much more proof positive of actual design.

Your Rebuttal, Mr. Parang...

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Memory Lane

In this blog post, I think I will take a break from recounting the present and revisit the past. Why, I hear you ask, have you suddenly decided to dispense with now and leap to then? Why abandon us?! Why?!!! Well, blame Josh Pinchok.

For those of you who don't know, Josh was in Ensemble with me back in 97-98. He and his fiancee are taking a three month backpacking tour around Europe and stayed with Rachael and I on their way to the main land. Over a pint or two, Josh and I began to reminisce about some of the times of yesteryear. Then, like a bolt of lighting striking the still land on a cloudless day, the most hilarious incident ever to occur in the entire world came back to both of us. And now I will share it with you. For those of you who don't know this story, I invite you in for a moment of incredulity and hilarity. For those who do...sit back and remember...

It was late in the school year, a balmy April night, and Ensemble was onstage about to do the closing number in what many described as the best spring program ever. Cue a medley of Phantom of the Opera songs. There we in tuxes, women in ball gowns. The lights are just right. The expectant hush fall over the crowd. On the clavinova, Heather Janney begins the first chords of the medley to end all medleys. But wait...these chords billowing from the pit. Could they be? Are they? Yes...they are not the right key! Oh fate...curse you!!!!

But wait, we are all talented singers. We can make it work in whatever key. The first part of the medley was the song "The Phantom of the Opera" and half the choir took it up the octave and half took it down. The resulting dichotomy led many in the audience to raise an eyebrow. Has something gone wrong, they muse, or is this perhaps a Glass-ian motif in which the dissonance is the integral part of the piece. Yes, some mused this thought...and then came Think of Me.

The women of Ensemble sang this bit alone and bless them...they gave it their all. Unfortunately, the sound issuing from the stage more closely resembled 400 cats in heat getting mauled by savage hyenas. Finally, mercifully, Mr. Crowe cuts us off and allows the piece to die the death it had been longing for.

All eyes look to the pit where our accompanist extraordiaire realizes that she has forgotten to depress the transpose button. As we hear the chord slowly rise to where it should be, the stress of the moment became too much for two of our members. Yea, they could hold it no more and between the herculean effort extended to stop the giggles and the utter concentration needed not to catch anyone else's eye, the ensuing battle claimed a victor...the bladder. Yes it's true.

Both girls peed themselves on stage.

Oh yes, it's true. Twas not even a tiny bit of urine but a full blown expulsion of pee. Beneath the beautiful ball gowns of each of the girls stood a puddle of fresh steaming urine. But, the show must go on so what do we do?? We do the number in the right key and spend the next 8-10 minutes dancing, moving, and all the while spreading the golden liquid around the stage...a veritable piss mopping, if you will. Thus the night ended with a very relieved choir, an appreciative audience, and a thoroughly soaked stage.

To this day, every time I think about those two ladies wetting themselves, I piss fact I just did it...ok that's the end of my post...I need new pants...

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