Monday, June 19, 2006


K-Town here I come!!!!

Just to let you all know, it is less than three weeks until I will once again join you in the country of our birth. For those even luckier, I may even see you in the town of our formative years. That is right...I am gracing Knox Vegas with my lovely self. I will be flying into Knoxville on the evening of the 6th of July and will flying out the morning of the 20th. So in that time, I expect all of you who are from Knoxville to be at your house with your phone charged waiting for my phone call for maximum chillage! For chill we shall my children...chill we shall...

In other news, I must let you all know that England is great in a lot of ways and there are many things here that I love. However, the US seems to have (at least in my experience) a slight edge in the "not stinking" department. The idea of deodorant here doesn't seem to matter as much as...say...letting one's teeth get worse. Needless to say, the tube reeks every day and I got brained by an ill formed molar...USA here I come...

What is the irony that I'll be home July 2-5? How do you feel about a trip to the ATL? ;)
I'll force Scott to invite me to see you. It'll be one of my last chances probably because in August I'm off to Orlando for graduate school and then God knows where when I start my Phd.

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