Sunday, July 02, 2006


Poker...It's time to get out know which town!

Well folks, the time is fast approaching that I will be back with you. As I think of all the important things I need to do when I am back, the most important is, of course, POKER! I know that I am coming in on the 6th and Zhubin is coming in the next week so I leave it up to you (Graham, Scott, Joe, (insert your name here)) to arrange nights of fun where I can say such things as, "Well, in England that hand you just won wouldn't buy me a pint of ale or a bloody kebab...blimey...." You have been warned...

See, everyone gets on my case for using a phrase like that, but then it's all that anyone can remember.

This is why I'm the best friend any of you will ever have.
Look. I am coming home. Chelsea is dragging me to a bluegrass concert on Saturday, but I am coming home on Friday, July 14 and returning to the ATL on Sunday, July 16. I better see you... and if it means I have to kick your tail in poker, so be it.
watch out, ya'll. last time i played poker i took graham AND his brother AND his roommate AND zhubin for all they had.

so yeah. see ya'll then. :)
Sorry I missed you while you were home...wish you had swung by my place in Alaska. Maybe next time =)
Hey - I need to talk to you about something. Will you email me you phone number?
(Miss Brock has all my info if you're not current)
Maria P
Maria, I don't have Valerie's e-mail stuff but my e-mail address is at the bottom of my links so send me an e-mail and I will send you back my number.
Time to update the blog, bloke!
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