Friday, December 22, 2006


Weight Watchers

Ok, I have a gripe about people as a whole. One of the campaigns that I answer phones for at the call center I work part time is Weight Watchers. Now, I think that it is a great program and has helped a lot of people. In fact, my gripe isn't with weight watchers, but with the mentality that often manifests itself regarding this and other self-help programs. So often people want weight watchers to be a fix-all that they can come and learn the secret that will allow them to eat lots of cake and lose hundreds of pounds. In fact, I often get very angry people on the phone if the food's not working for them or if they are told what they can't eat as if we are being unreasonable saying, "Might not be a good idea to eat ten cakes." It's as if them being overweight everybody's fault but their own. When did everything become someone else's fault?

Just a thought.

I think it all started when the Puritans began blaming everything on the devil. Why were your daughters dancing naked in the woods? Must be the devil!
It works the other way, too. Whenever something really good happens, no matter how much human effort is involved, the very religious are quick to thank God before anyone else. So we live in a culture dominated by a philosophy that, at its root, encourages passing the buck. It's a comforting belief that ultimately everything is in the hands of something infinitely more capable than you. And now I'm officially rambling.

P.S. I'm writing this from my Wii!
No one can blame Christopher for their own weight gain. Except for that one guy whose mouth Christopher kept shoving ten cakes a day into. He's got a fair case.
Well, to a certain extent it is a defense mechanism. No one likes to be wrong, so they blame outside sources in order to make themselves feel better. Helps prevent depression. It just doesn't help that we live in a society of instant gratification. There just isn't an instant gratification for weight loss.

As a WW believer and peruser of the internet, I think there is a difference between UK WW and USA WW. Really. I do. The program just seems different (am now convinced to do major internet research just to see).

My proof? In my WW group(s), I've never even heard a teensy smidge this attitude. People know as they are standing in line to be weighed what the scale will say, excusing it away with "Cruise." "Holidays." "Bad break-up." "Sappy girl movie marathon." They know why they aren't losing on WW and its because they are either not sticking to points or eating core foods. Period.

But I agree with you about self-help programs on the whole that leave their "clients" out on a limb, unlike WW, such as Atkins, South Beach, and those crazy diet pills they sell at GNC with the two very different women in the same pink string bikini. I could see why those people would call a phone hotline and complain, but on WW? Get real folks.

Forward all future calls to me and I'll give them a yankee kick in the rear for being lazy.
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