Tuesday, January 02, 2007


To hang or not to hang

Just a quick thought. Is anyone else a bit troubled by the hanging of Hussein. I mean, I agree that he has committed crimes against humanity and that he must face the consequences, but I think the speed with which the execution was carried out is a little chilling. It may be the first time the length of time in the American judicial system regarding executions seems like a good idea.

Anywho, for the largest tangent jump in history, also hope everyone had a wonderful new year. As I am 5-8 hours ahead of you all, I will of course keep you informed of events that are happening in your future so you can be ready. Also, just picked up the His Dark Materials trilogy and am working on that. Any others who have read it, your thoughts would be welcome (and Zhubin feel free to wax philosophically about the merits of it versus truly great literature...like Sons and Lovers?! Freak...)

Happy New Year to you all...may it be fun and full of excitement...and cake...mmmm...cake...

PS: New Year's resolution...use even more elipses...yeah...good idea...that's the ticket...these rock...Zhubin loves them...sweet man...neutered...

I am troubled to admit that I found the video on YouTube after finding out on NBC nightly news that it was available (my stomach got the best of me before following through with watching it, partly because of what I was about to see and partly because of the shaky camera - yikes).

But troubled that in his society that believes in "eye for an eye" (thanks Coach Driver for that nugget of Middle Eastern wisdom) that he was hanged for committing crimes against humanity (namely, murder)? No. If you go by the theology stated above, he was brought to justice by his people.

And now just to make myself more lighthearted and happy, check out my Mii (sp?) Scott made for me. He should make one for you too. And

P.S. I watched the Ensemble retreat video this past week at home. Which means I have in my hot hands cinematic proof of you and Zhubin participating in an awesome Star Wars spoof.
Valerie would like to point out the following in a two-fold editorial comment:
(1) Valerie herself is not a follower, believer, and/or practicer of the "eye for an eye" theology (fact: if murdered, Valerie would not want her murderer sentenced to death and/or killed on the streets for retribution of her death. Just FYI.).
(2) Valerie really likes to speak in third person.
They shouldn't have executed him until DNA evidence proved it was really him at the crime scene.
Happy New Year!

I find the death sentence troubling in general. I had to pause to think about Saddam's execution. Surely if anyone deserves to be executed it's him. But I can't get around the fact that killing someone is wrong. Is it sometimes necessary? Maybe. But if Saddam is in custody and no longer poses any kind of threat, as far as I'm concerned that's enough. It's not like he would be living a life of luxury in prison.

I'm always baffled by Christians who quote Moses on the whole "eye for an eye" thing. Didn't Jesus say "turn the other cheek" and cancel that out? I guess the people involved in this trial aren't Christians though, so maybe that doesn't apply.
Scott pretty much explained how I feel.

I also find the death sentence troubling (and often ironic that right-to-lifers are often proponents of capital punishment - isn't killing of another, regardless of it is an unborn infant or a man who committed wrongs against society, wrong in the eyes of God?). Whenever I try to figure out what I think about issues such as this, I try to apply it as if something happened to me personally, which is why I'd rather my murderer tough it out in prison than be executed. I don't want to play God and I don't want it acted out on my behalf for me.

Plus one needs to see "The Life of David Gale" only once to really form some opines on capital punishment.
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